Silver Reed SK840 Knitting Machine



Model Silver Reed SK840 Electronic Knitting Machine

The Silver Reed SK840 modular electronic knitting system allows you to build your own textile machinery setup to suit your needs and budget. As you progress with your skills you can enlarge your system to incorporate new modules. The knitting machine connects to your home PC or laptop. With the Designerknit (DAK) program installed, you can then design your stitch patterns and designs on screen. Using Interactive Knitting, your computer program will knit with you.


  • Needle Pitch:
    4.5mm (5.6 gauge)
  • Number of needles:
  • Dimensions packaged:
    1260mm x 130mm x 330mm
  • Weight packaged:
  • Principal stitch types:
    Fair Isle (Knit-in) – – Punch Lace – Tuck – Slip – Weaving – Plating – Motifs
  • Suitable Yarns:
    Fine to 4ply

Modern knitting machine patterns by award winning designer, Marianne Henio, can be found here

Additional information

Weight 16000 g


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