Silver Reed LK150 Knitting Machine



Model Silver Reed LK150 Knitting Machine

The perfect machine for learning and practising machine knitting!
It is fun to knit and great to wear!

The Silver Reed LK150 with its simplicity of design and ease of use will give you fun and pleasure knitting from the start in your own home.

You will very soon be able to make knitwear of all different types and sizes, using the full 150 needle width, knitting them up quicker than ever. Create a wide variety of professional looking knits for yourself and your family and home in no time at all!

Because it can handle a wide range of yarns from medium to super thick, you can produce knitwear for all seasons of the year. From fine lace to thick woollies you can create something all year round.

The LK150 is extremely light weight and compact making it easy to carry and store. On top of that, its specially designed roller capped latch needle ensures smooth and quiet operation.


  • Needle Pitch:
    6.5mm (3.9 gauge)/ 13mm (2 gauge) when using alternate needles
  • Number of needles:
  • Dimensions:
    1083mm x 205mm x 95mm
    Dimensions packaged: 1190mm x 270mm x 110mm
  • Weight:
    4.7 kgs
    Weight Packaged: 6kg
  • Principal stitch types:
    Stockinet, Tuck, Slip, Plating & Fair Isle (by slip stitch – 1 yarn feeder only)
  • Suitable Yarns:
    Medium to Super Extra Thick yarn
  • Needle Selection:

Additional information

Weight 6000 g


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