Back Massage Ergonomic Lumbar Support



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Back Massage Ergonomic Lumbar Support

Do you suffer from back, neck or shoulder pain? Would you like to improve your posture and ease the discomfort that bad posture causes? Do you spend hours leaning over your machine or knitting needles? Or spend a lot of time infront of your PC? Or reading the papers or a good book? Or long drives behind the steering wheel?

If you spend long hours sitting then you need the back massage ergonomic lumbar support to give you these benefits…

…You’ll probably want one for the office, one for the car, one for your knitting machine or your favourite chair!


By giving your back extra support you will improve your posture and be more comfortable in your seat.

Aligns your spine while sitting and relaxes the shoulders, relieving back pain.

The mesh support allows cooling air to circulate.

Light weight and portable, and easily fitted to the back of any chair, whether at your machine, desk or in your car.

The raised spheres on the support give an extra massage to your back while sitting.

The elastic strap fitting ensures that it fits almost any seat.

Suitable for any age.


Spring cushion effect which gives valuable support and aids comfort.

Colour: Black.

Mesh fabric material.

Approximate size: 39 x 41cm.

Can be used in home, car, office. Portable and light weight.

Additional information

Weight 200 g


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