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Plus Sizes

Plus Sizes

Plus sizes

This article on machine knitting for plus sizes was written by Sally Butcher. Sally gives her tips on how we can use our machines to knit for larger sizes when sometimes we are restricted in needles and width of needle bed. A great article. Thank you Sally.

Sally’s Tips for Plus Size Machine Knits

-The first might seem obvious, but strangely people do overlook it, and that is to use the full bed of needles.  You have 200 on a standard gauge, and I can knit up to a 56 inch chest in plain stocking stitch using 4 ply.  Commercial patterns rarely exceed 42-44 inches, so there is a general assumption that bigger isn’t possible – it is!

-Keep your edge needles in good working order and, when you deep clean your machine, swap the centre and edge needles around, to even out the wear and tear.  On the Silver Reed machines, keep your side racks in tip-top condition, these are essential for pattern knitting on the full bed. Continue reading Plus Sizes